For my kids and other interested friends

About Worth Temple Study

This site represents some of my own study, insight, and opinion on a subject I have been intensely interested in for the past few years.  I have tried to digest some of the wonderful thoughts of scholars and prophets for the benefit of my children and friends.  I encourage all who are interested in delving into these topics beyond the basics outlined here to consult the references I have listed. 


While I find great joy in exploring these topics, and while they greatly enrich my experience of temple worship and my sense of solidarity with Saints of ages past, ultimately my interest in and love for the temple springs from God's own witness to me that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  The restoration of the temple in our days is a tender mercy, a sweet blessing.  It is good.  It is real.  In ways that I'm sure I barely grasp, it has eternal validity and reach.